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Shattered Affair CD (1986-1989)

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Taking the first 2 bands that Michael Ross started after deciding to put the drum sticks down, combined we give you Shattered Affair. That was Shattered Heart who won a coveted spot by winning one of only 12 spots out of hundreds of bands on Toronto’s Q107 Homegrown album Volume 8 in 1986 with the song “Need You Tonight” which is featured on this album twice with original demo and the Q107 version. Also featuring 8 songs unrealeased & outakes from Gypsy Rose major label release Prey. You may recognize some songs with different lyric and/or title as recorded initially when under the banner Secret Affair before becoming Gypsy Rose. If your a fan you’ll enjoy the booklet with lyrics and stories pertaining to each song as the where, when, why and who play on these 15 songs.

1. Looks Bad On You (1988)
2. Bad Boys Get Ignited (1989)
3. Bang Bang Boys (1989)
4. Give It To Me All Night Long (1989)
5. Shake And Shove (1988)
6  Last Rose of Summer (1988)

7. The Other Side of Me (1988)
8. If Your Love Is Gone (1987)
9. Alone With You (1987)
10. I Can’t Fight It Anymore (1987)
11. If It Takes Me (1987)

12. Need You Tonight (1986)
13. First Time For everything (1986)
14. Holding Out (1986)

15. Need you Tonight (take#11986)

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